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Founder and Lead Indexer - Derek Gottlieb
Our Expertise

All indexers are smart and detail-oriented. But not all indexers are also academics, conversant with the esoteric theoretical and methodological approaches that scholarly authors use. Derek is a tenure-track professor of Education at the University of Northern Colorado.  He has PhDs -- and has published books of his own -- in both English Literature and in Education. Taken together with the 200 books he's indexed over the past decade, he has uncommon expertise in the methods and theories used in the social sciences and the humanities broadly.


Partner and Indexer - Danny Quarrell

Danny Quarrell is a member of the American Society for Indexing as well as a Certified Project Management Professional. He joined Scholarly Indexing as an Apprentice and learned the trade and the business from Derek. While contributing to the team as an indexer Danny also uses his project management skills to manage communication, process, and workflow for the team; ensuring projects are completed on time. 


Our indexing team (Alex, Alison, Andrew and Lillian) are all well-studied and have expertise and degrees in a broad range subjects spanning Sociology, Psychology and Divinity.

Each indexer has gone through an apprenticeship program under Derek. This has allowed us to ensure the quality of their work and establish a consistent style for our team. 

Our Process
  1. Once your book is accepted, Derek reviews it and meets with the assigned indexer before they begin their work in order to review key topics, discuss specific challenges, and prep the indexer to deliver the best possible product.  (Derek also takes on certain books himself, especially books with unique circumstances or quick turn around times.)

  2. While the indexer is working on the project, they are able to reach out to anyone else on the team for advice or assistance with any aspect of the work. All team members also have access to our electronic library of over 200 completed indexes to make sure that indexes in related fields are aligned.

  3. Once the indexer completes the first draft of the index, another member of the team does a review of their work and provides feedback. This 'fresh set of eyes' is important because it provides another perspective on the index itself, while also mimicking how a potential buyer of your book will react to the index the first time they see it.

  4. The indexer incorporates the feedback and delivers the index to Derek for another review. Derek will provide a second round of feedback to the indexer and work with them on incorporating any needed changes. 

  5. Finally, once the work is complete, the index is delivered to the author. Authorial requests are then happily accepted and incorporated into the absolute final version that goes to the press.

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