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Scholarly Indexing offers high-quality indexing services to authors, editors, and publishers of all kinds, with a specific emphasis on academic publishing.

By background and experience, SI has uncommon expertise in the world of academic publishing. Having seen the process from both authorial and production perspectives, we are uniquely qualified to provide services in this area of expertise.

We specialize in creating indexes in the humanities and the social sciences. Academic books in the fields of Literature, Philosophy, Music and the Arts, Legal Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, Psychology, Transnational Studies, and History comprise the bulk of the work at Scholarly Indexing. 

With our team of 6 indexers we approach the indexing process in a way that is more robust than can be offered by a single indexer. This team aspect allows us to put every index through a more rigorous development and evaluation process, and it ultimately helps us to produce a better and more well-rounded final product.

Recent Projects

Our Expertise
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